Voter turnout steady

Democratic Services have been steadily updating their voting returns page (note: unlike last year, there is no count on the weekends, making the Tuesday returns abnornamlly high).

At the moment the return rate is 17.57% compared to 16.13% at this stage in 2007.

If you haven’t voted so far, please do so. If you did not get voting papers you can cast a special vote at the polling booth at the City Service Centre (101 Wakefield Street) during the three-week period before polling day.

[Update: Thanks to Alastair for pointing out an error in the figures, which leaves turnout almost 1.5% up on 2007. Stephen Franks will be bitterly disapointed.]


One response to “Voter turnout steady

  1. The comparable figure for 2007 should read 16.13% (you have compared Thursday 2010 figure with Friday 2007 figure). So we are running almost 1.5% above the 2007 returns …. not a huge amount but something is getting the voters out.

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