Is it Kerry or Celia for mayor?

The Wellingtonian has done a reasonably comprehensive analysis of the race for the mayoral chains. You can read it online here. It rightly points out that while this is Kerry’s fourth consecutive campaign, it is the first time she has faced one determined opponent, and in 2007 in particular, it took nine iterations for Kerry to get enough preferences to get elected.

Councillor Andy Foster said this week that in Celia Wade-Brown, Kerry Prendergast for the first time has an opponent who could be a credible alternative mayor. 

That said, while the article does focus on Kerry and Celia, and their respective positions on a number of key issues, they do also include the four other challengeres. As always, Al Mansell wins quote of the day…

On a council policy that looks likely to lead to many suburban libraries eventually closing Mansell was equally expressive.

“I think they are the biggest leveller in the community. The most dangerous thing in the world is a woman in the ghetto with a library card,” he said.


8 responses to “Is it Kerry or Celia for mayor?

  1. Jack Yan is the only bright spark; Wade-Brown truly is, as broadcast on TV7 this week, a “silly billy” and Prendercaster is a one-woman-automatoncrat.

  2. The Buzz around town is that Bernard is endorsing Jack Yan and is asking all his supporters who have not yet voted, to vote for Jack.

  3. Afraid I can’t agree with your comment Barbara that Celia is a “silly billy”. I’ve known her for 8 years and have spent the last three years working with her on Council. She has highly developed interpersonal skills, a strong intellect and a detailed knowledge of how this city works. I hope that she will be successful on the 9th October.

  4. If Al Mansell becomes mayor it will be a sad loss to the world of stand-up comedy. He was very entertaining on Backbenchers.

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