Helene – even the parking wardens say time’s up

After being first elected before the Beehive was finished, before God Defend New Zealand was even officially our second anthem, before the Erebus disaster and even before carless days, Helene Ritchie is once again grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Like any time-serving politician, the sense of entitlement knows no bounds. Ritchie decided it was OK to park across a pedestrian crossing in the carpark at Wellington Hospital. As Ritchie approaches the 40th anniversary of her first election to Council, the arrogance and contempt for the public is palpable.

I guess Wellington Free are just thankful that she didn’t parallel park across the front of A&E or halfway up a wheelchair ramp.

If you live in the Northern Ward – do the right thing this year and send the Ritchie-mobile to the wreckers.

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