Heros and villians, winners and losers

We are now in the very final stretch, less than 24 hours until polls close, and we may have some preliminary results by this time tomorrow.

Feel free to use the comments thread on this post to discuss who you think will win and lose. Even better if you can back your predicions up with a logic!

We will attempt to do live blogging tomorrow, no promises though.

7 responses to “Heros and villians, winners and losers

  1. SO. I don’t know too much about some of these contests, but never mind.

    Mayor: I really do think that Celia will take it by a whisker. Despite what the “polls” might say, I just can’t think of anyone who’s told me they’re voting for Kerry.

    Northern Ward: I think that Justin Lester’s blanket coverage of the ward will probably pay off and he’ll be elected. Helene Ritchie has barely campaigned, and I think she should go this time, leaving Hayley and Ngaire Best with the other two spots.

    Onslow-Western: I’d be pretty surprised by anything other than the return of all three councilors.

    Southern Ward: Pepperell will make it back in, and Paul Eagle should pick up Celia’s seat.

    Eastern Ward: Obviously Ray Ahipene-Mercer will stay. I’ve really got no idea about the others – probably Gill and Marsh or Probert?

  2. Here goes who I think will win (not who I voted for);
    Mayor: KP – but very close
    Central: McKinnon, Pannett, Ganley
    Northern: Lester, Best, Wain
    Onslow: stay the same
    Southern: Pepperell, Eagle
    Eastern: Ahipene-Mercer, Gill and Marsh/Probert (more likely Marsh)

  3. My picks.

    Mayor: Prendergast. Then W-B, Yan, Pepperell, Mansell, O’Shaughnassy

    Northern: Best, Ritchie, Lester. Ritichie deserves to go more than Wain but that probably Wellingtonian article sunk Wain.

    O-W: Coughlan, Foster, Morrison. Dull contest up there.

    Eastern: Ray A-M, Marsh, Gill. Close one here, few candidates standing out for the right reasons.

    Lambton: McKinnon, Pannett, Ganley. Tight race for the third spot, think Bishop and Cunningham split the right vote to let Ganley through.

    Southern: Eagle, Pepperell. Most of the others barely campaigned outside their own living rooms.

  4. Mayor: Prendergast will cling on

    Northern: Best, Wain, Lester

    Onslow West: Coughlan, Foster, Morrison

    Eastern: Gill, Ahipene Mercer, Marsh

    Lambton: McKinnon, Pannett, Ganley

    Southern: Eagle, Pepperell

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