Code of conduct complaint?

We’ve had a few emails regarding Rob Goulden’s behaviour over the last few days. In particular, a few people have asked if his masquerading as other people is a breach of the council’s Code of Conduct.

One way to find out would be to lay a complaint with CE Garry Poole. Anyone want to test the water? Has anyone done so already?


18 responses to “Code of conduct complaint?

  1. Complaining would be dorky.

    Why would you want to do that? Is it an important issue? Or are you just taking the opportunity to be cruel to someone who obviously has no idea of what he’s doing?

    • Nope. I don’t think it’s worth doing, but it sounds like some readers are considering it. Given the timing as well, I’m not sure what it would achieve.

  2. Got a link for the code of conduct for ratepayer funded comms staff trying to promote the Mayor on a blog and criticising other candidates?

  3. Have you checked IP addresses? Can you be sure the email addresses are actually his?
    He sounds like a creep but you need to be sure before anyone takes this any further. It’s not beyond the realms of the internet that some sneaky deviant it out to discredit this fella by faking ham-fisted sock-puppetry.

    • Josh they can prove nothing – If i say I am Kerry Prendergast on here and use her email address does that mean I am Kerry Prendergast?

      • My point exactly. But matching IP addresses would at least indicate that the holder(s) of the ‘Goulden’ email addresses are at the same physical address.

  4. Most wordpress sites require you to respond to a confirmation e-mail to register, so if an account has been set up for an e-mail address, that indicates the person has access to that e-mail address.

    • No confirmation email is required on WCC Watch.

      You can be whoever you want to be.

      We are not talking here about a blog as highly sophisticated as yours.

      Who do you want to me to be? I can assume a thousand identities on this site just as quick as the time that it takes me to type them up.

      • You don’t know much about the internet do you?
        IP addresses record the physical location of the post – ie: where the user has his/her IP account.
        All of the so-call Goulden posts, anonymous or otherwise, have originated from the same IP address as indicated in previous posts.
        Your conspiratol attitude seems to indicate that even the posts from the “real” Rob Goulden are not actually from him? If so why would he support the DomPosts article by actually commenting.
        Next you will be telling us that Paul Henry is a Labour Party plant and he has finally been “activiated” by Helen Clark.

      • yes, v, you can be whoever you want to be. but one thing you, v, can’t be is sensible. or mature, intelligible, reasonable or interesting. go away and come back when you’re sober and have something interesting to say. yawn.

  5. With any luck tomorrow will be a slow news day and the Dompost will ask Rob Goulden whether it really was him.

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