A-wim-o-way-Wade-Brown channels Peg Bundy and lashes Seven Sharp

Not content with helmet hair for Hillary and onesies for the papers, the Mayor of our Capital city, Celia Wade-Faux-pas decided to go for a Jungle Book/Peg Bundy look as she talked to the nation on Seven Sharp when it covered the $54 million Panda Palace. Meanwhile, the kodiak bear of Island Bay, Paul Eagle opted to look rather more mayoral be in a sharp suit and tie (although no doubt the Labour crazies will be up in arms at his lack of red tie this time, opting for an All Black friendly alternative).

But it was the combination of the faux leopard print jacket with the horrendous inability of the a-wim-o-way, a-wim-o-Wade-Mayor to handle a light interview on an obvious topic, that caused jaws to drop at the opening of Wellington Zoo’s new ‘Meet The Locals’ exhibit.

unnamed-5 Peg-Bundy-costume

Some zoos in the UK have apparently banned people from wearing leopard print clothing as it freaks the animals out… And no doubt the long suffering zoo CEO is looking to put such a policy in place as she tries to keep the Mayor and her embarrassment of pandas at bay. (Was there ever a more appropriate collective noun??)

Leopard prints aside, why on earth was the Mayor so  unprepared for Seven Sharp? A show like that was always going to ask about the pandas, so you would like to think that our Mayor might do a bit of prep instead of just hoping they will do a puff-piece on a new area of the zoo.

Of course, in typical fashion Wade-Brown doubles down by having a crack at the young journo, calling him “pathetic” for asking about the panda palace while she assumed the camera was off…


Just FYI – it’s always on the record with shows like Seven Sharp. As another famous leopard skin wearing ginga once sang: Welcome to the Jungle!



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