City Watch #1

A lot happens around Wellington that we cant always post about, so we figured a regular round up of recent news and events could be useful. If you think we’ve missed anything or having any tip offs or information please contact us. Here’s the first:

New Wellington City Council CEO Kevin Lavery is giving his first public talk to the annual meeting of the Civic Trust on May 30 at the Regional Council offices. It looks like there’s a chance for questions.

Nearly 2000 people had their say on the future of local government in Wellington. Check out our post on the report here.

Within minutes of the Local Government Reform Working Party report coming out the Wellington City Council released a poll showing support for a big single-tier council with one Mayor and 29 Councillors.

Facing dwindling membership and rising costs, Hataitai Bowling Club has transferred its assets to a new trust and will become the suburb’s new Community Hub after collaborating with the community to find an alternative to winding up, and selling the assets (most likely to property developers). Very cool solution.

Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett has been appointed to the Telecom Foundation Board.

Scenes of shock and horror were reported when the Wellington Employers’ Chamber of Commerce told Wellington City Council that it must reduce the growth in both its expenditure and its rates take.

The good residents of Lambton could be in for one of the friendliest contests in years if candidate Nicola Young’s Facebook “likes” are anything to go by. Her only “likes” to date is the campaign page of her opponent, Mark Peck.

There isn’t a lot of reassurances coming from the Greater Wellington Regional Council that they’ll do anything more than fining NZ Bus for their ongoing scheduling failures.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown got her “girls” out for a good cause.

A group of local musicians have launched a series of gigs to be held at different community halls around Wellington in an attempt to re-invigorate the old halls to their former glory. Their first was in the recently saved Vogletown Community Hall.

Hataitai is the latest suburb set for speed limit reductions.

A cleanup of Karori Cemetery is finally under way by the Council after complaints from residents and family of those buried there that it was so “overgrown they look like a setting from a horror film.”

The Newtown Residents’ Association has a project underway documenting the history of Newtown.

Visiting Canadian transport expert Todd Litman has said Wellington’s planning must respond to changing demographics and community expectations. You’d hope it does already. Council communications says “smart growth endorsed for smart capital”.




2 responses to “City Watch #1

    • Not sure you would call saying the City risks becoming Canberra and that most of the current Councillors are just ‘gliding on’, fluffy. Seems to be highlighting the same issues of the shrinking local economy that Key did… but using pleasant language. Interesting that the Greens have realized Young is a threat though – a friend who attended the Oriental Bay Residents Assn meeting last night noted how sour Iona Pannett looked as Young worked the room. Lambton could be a lot of fun this year.

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