Is it time to draft Leggett?

TV3’s Duncan Garner has come out and slammed Mayor, Celia Wade-Brown, saying Wellington needs new leadership. Garner highlights the lack of achievements under Wade-Brown:

“Simply put, the capital lacks leadership – and as a result is suffering from inertia.

Perhaps she was only ever an accidental mayor anyway, winning by just 176 votes in 2010 under the STV voting system.

Wade-Brown talks about projects still to come but hasn’t she had her time? Surely the city needs a fresh, dynamic leader. Consensus politics sounded like a nice idea but has proved a failure.”

However, arguably just as damning is his call for Wellington to draft in its northern neighbour, Porirua Mayor, Nick Leggett.

While probably a decent idea, has our city really plunged to the depths of English rugby where there are no local options left to lead us? Do we really need to look beyond our borders?

Now it is early days in the mayoral campaign, but Garner has highlighted that neither of the alternatives, Deputy Mayor, Justin Lester, or Lambton Councillor, Nicola Young, have burst out of the gates.

We are yet to see a candidate come out and paint a picture of how they would improve and grow the City. “The Campaign” (if you can call it that yet!) seems to be mired in Town-Hall-centric debates over the Living Wage and Pandas instead of a decent plan for the City.

Leggett would be a great option for an amalgamated City, but we arent there yet (and by all accounts he has no interest in swapping). What Garner has exposed is the desperate need for a real alternative.


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