WCC might think they’re GC’s but we expect more

Toyota created ripples a few years back by making the word ‘bugger’ parlance… but I doubt in their wildest dreams the creative team behind that would have ever expected to see a City Council attempting to normalise the C word.

Yes, that C word… Being a GC – it’s the Wellington Way…


In case you’re unaware of what a GC is… good old Urban Dictionary has a nice summary…


Now either the Mayor’s crack squad of savvy marketing professionals are on crack and think this is cutting edge and funny… or they are really really dumb.

In the patronising video that accompanies the tweet, the Deputy Mayor is featured chairing a meeting of GC’s too – we will let you decide what that might make him.

But seriously, I’d love to hear why this is a good idea. Does Justin Lester think this is OK?  Does he and the Council Comms gurus really think it’s OK to brazenly refer to Wellingtonians by using the C word?

If this is Council Comms trying to be funny – well it’s not and it’s not what we expect from people charged with spending our increase in rates. And either way, the reaction on Twitter seems to suggest people are laughing at you, not with you.



This is childish in the extreme from Wellington City Council. You can imagine the Council Colouring-in Crew all giggling away thinking they’re being really clever. It is a bit like when, as a 10 year old, you would throw dirty words into a word find thinking the teacher would never notice and that it would be so damn funny. It was lame then and it’s lame now.

Unbelievable. Do better Wellington City Council.


9 responses to “WCC might think they’re GC’s but we expect more

  1. Is it really THAT outrageous? Bit of a risk, for sure, but I’d rather see an organisation take a risk with its marketing than just publish turgid brochures all day every day.

  2. The Wellington Way campaign essentially is turgid rubbish, and referring to Good Cunts isnt living on the edge and doesnt suddenly transform that campaign from being patronising and lame. And yeah, I think it is out of line when our civic leadership refer to us as Cunts – good or stink.

  3. It is really THAT outrageous Sam Grover? Your arrogance is astounding. With my rates going up 4.9% for the next 3 years, I do not expect to see my rates spent on calling me a “Good C * * T” nor do I see it a good use of my rates being spent on marketing politicians like Justin Lester so he can run for the Mayoralty next year. It should be spent on marketing the many products and services offered by the city like our golf course, parks, pools, libraries, recreation centres etc. Making a video about promoting better utilisation of these city-owned assets is where this money should be spent on. Maybe Justin Lester could be a “Good C * * T” and tell the WCC staff to stop being “C * * Ts” and stop spending our rates on such waste.

  4. Sam Grover is a cycling fanatic and lives in Island Bay – he views this as an attack on the “Celia Wade-Bicycle” and “Justin Wade-Lester” leadership group who regardless of local views, now deems it his right to support this “spending on anything to support those 2” approach. It is total arrogance and it shows how out of touch with the people these 2 “leaders” are.

  5. Oh hello everyone.

    I will be honest, these are a lot of points that I hadn’t thought of, and that I largely agree with. While I’m sure this video felt good to make, like Ryan said, there’s all kinds of assets that the council has that could be marketed just as cleverly — and with much greater return.

    Also, the word ‘cunt’ isn’t a very nice word, and the clever ‘good citizens’ gag is a bit of an eye roll.

    Rosie thank you for telling everyone where I live. Anyone who wants is welcome to come around for a cup of tea. To clarify, I don’t really have much of an opinion either way on the mayor or Cr Lester. I do think that the bike lanes were a sound infrastructure investment in spite of the fact that they have inconvenienced some people. If this makes me a fanatic in your eyes, then by all means label me a fanatic.

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