Key says Capital is dying, Bronagh says let them pat Pandas!

On One News tonight, Prime Minister Key showed off Bronagh’s Panda seflie and it seems this is where the fantasy started. Naturally, Celia Wade-Brown in a Mayor-of-Fantasyland moment has latched on to the idea and has asked the Deputy Head Boy and Student Council Treasurer to wun the numbers.

You can watch the news clip here.

Apparently Key has thrown a few Kiwis into the mix to sweeten the deal for the Chinese Government… Labour Leader, Andrew Little, says if kickstarting the Wellington economy is reliant on a couple of Pandas “we’re in serious trouble.” Quite.

Eagle goes on the attack again calling the Panda fantasy a “pet-project” for a couple of councillors… which seems to suggest that it is a narrow group in favour.

If Key really wants to help Wellington, maybe take his flag war chest and Bronagh’s panda fund and use that to kick off the runway extension? Or another idea, maybe take Key’s pile of Kiwis for bartering and maybe convince the Chinese government to do something a little more useful like committing Air China or China Southern Airlines to fly direct to Wellington from Asia.

But I guess a Boeing doesn’t make for such cute sefies for Bronagh and Justin.


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