Onesie-Wearer in Chief

Not content with championing helmet hair to greet the US Secretary of State, the Mayor has once again dumped the Chains in favour of her own tastes… Shortly after we woke from our slumber over the weekend – this photo, tweeted by the Mayor (no, not her opponents!), was brought to our attention – Celia doing her best for Wellington Free Ambulance’s ‘Onesie Day’.

Of course, it didnt take long for the Mayor to be lampooned – this was one of the variants to find its way into the WCC Watch inbox…


Supporting charity is important and Wellington Free is a great service that needs us all to empty our pockets, but let’s not forget maintaining the dignity of the Office is pretty important too. Even Tony Abbott has kept the budgie-smugglers in the draw since taking office and while John Key has been known to camp it up on the catwalk, I doubt he would try this on.

Mind you, it isn’t a stretch to imagine Metiria Turei in a onesie, so I guess it’s on-brand.

But you can be effective without being daft – it wasn’t that long ago that Wellington Free Ambulance needed a new vehicle and its first call was to former Mayor Kerry Prendergast – not Celia. Kerry rang a few people and had the money sorted within the afternoon. Seems her replacement sees dressing up in a onesie as a more effective way of raising funds, but I suppose that’s #TheWellingtonWay… well Celia’s at least.


One response to “Onesie-Wearer in Chief

  1. Meh. Whatever might be thought of Celia, calling her daft because she’s photographed dressed up in a onesie as part of a fundraising exercise is thin ground for criticism.

    So what if her photo is re-annoted and splashed around social media and mocked by people who already hate her? That happens to virtually every politician, precisely because it’s so easy to pick and choose photograph moments of anyone in public life and present them in a completely different context.

    What matters for politicians is what they actually do and how effective they are. Can we please stick with discussion of that, instead of immature taking cheap shots?

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