How Celia almost knocked off Helene Ritchie

The 2013 donation and expense returns are filled with all manner of nuggets of information.

For example, who knew that northern ward candidate, Peter Gilberd, who came very very close to knocking off long standing left-wing councillor Helene Ritchie, had almost half of his $12,500 worth of campaign expenses covered by one handy donation? (You can see Gilberd’s full expense return here).

And who was that donation from?


That wouldn’t happen to be the same Alastair Nicholson who is married to Celia Wade-Brown would it?

Good on Peter Gilberd for declaring who bank-rolled his campaign. However, it really does leave you wondering why Nicholson chose to donate such a large sum to Gilberd but not a cent (over $1500) to his wife.


2 responses to “How Celia almost knocked off Helene Ritchie

  1. The explanation for this was reported back in December, in the DomPost and on Stuff:

    Of those who did not win seats, Northern candidate Peter Gilberd spent the most, at $27,170. He received $12,500 in donated advertising on Newlands Coach Services – gifted by Wade-Brown’s husband and campaign manager, Alastair Nicholson. Nicholson said he won the advertising in a charity auction for $3000, but as he would have had to declare it as spending of $12,500, it would have blown his wife’s limit. “I looked at the other candidates we supported and at who could use it . . . it was either a candidate in the Northern ward or another mayoral candidate, which obviously I wasn’t going to do.”

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