Morrison lands new call centre job

Failed Wellington mayoral candidate and ex-Onslow-Western ward councillor John Morrison has landed a new job with the Australian call centre he helped lure to Wellington.

Morrison is looking forward to leveraging New Zealand’s cheap operating and labour costs to grow the call centre’s business.

Via Scoop:

CallActive has secured a second floor in their Wellington site, bringing total operational capacity to 420 seats. Mr Allan also announced that CallActive has secured the building naming rights, with the former Guardian Trust building to be renamed CallActive House.

“The continued growth in our Wellington operations is built on the increasing need for companies seeking a high quality sales and service customer experience,” says CallActive CEO Rick Allan.

“We are thrilled to be able to further extend our 38 years of Sales and Service experience into New Zealand and our staff and customers have embraced the CallActive experience.”

CallActive have also bolstered their business development team with former New Zealand Test Cricketer and Wellington City Councillor John Morrison recently joining the team.

“I’m excited to join the CallActive team and am looking forward to continuing to promote the benefits of Wellington New Zealand as a home for global contact centre operations.  With operating costs about 30% cheaper than Australia and similarities with culture, language and education all wrapped up in a safe and friendly city, the growth opportunities are truly exciting.”

The news follows the announcement of CallActive’s Kiosk services continuing to grow with a new kiosk initiative opening at Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne. CallActive’s Chief Commercial Officer, Justin Tippett commented that “Kiosks continue to strengthen as a viable channel to engage with your customers and integrating kiosks with a contact centre is an even more powerful combination”

With CallActive committed to paying its employees the Living Wage, Morrison could be a powerful advocate within the business sector for the cause he strongly supported on council and during is mayoral campaign.

No word yet on whether he will get any plum government appointments.



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