Young makes the big time with parody twitter

You know you’ve made it when someone sets up a parody Facebook or Twitter account about you – and barely seven days after polls closed, newbie Lambton Ward councillor, Nicola Young has already reached those heights – with @itsnicolayoung.

I wouldn’t have thought Young was the most likely target, but the election did reduce the number of characters, so I guess you have to work with what you’ve got! Plus she did avoid most of the mockery on here (except for her pamphlet designs) so I guess it’s her turn.

While it doesn’t say it’s a parody, it is pretty clear with its OTT poshness, meringue hair and its running gag about the chic cafe du jour, Prefab.

We’ve been told that the people behind it are the Young Labour guys who launched the hilarious, Things Wellingtonians Never Say YouTube clip that went viral earlier this year… but I doubt Young will be rushing off to set up a ‘Peck Parody’ any time soon!



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