Campaign 2013 recap – the fashion faux pas

Over the next few weeks we will look back on the campaign and focus on some of the highlights and lowlights. First up I thought I would take an entirely gender balanced look at the fashion faux pas. Being local body politics there is no point trying to do a best dressed award – particularly since Jo Coughlan and Nicola Young kept the (actual) bling at a minimum… not that I can remember seeing Jo anywhere… but that’s another story.

First up is our man-fail with what looks like the generic rubber-soled shoe that is a favourite around the public sector… but if you look closely at that cuff, this mayoral candidate has shown his thrift by stapling it up. Yes, stapling. (click the pic to enlarge)


Of course, because this was Rob Goulden, the council candidate who took this sneak pic at a debate asked that we hold off using this till we were sure he wasn’t elected as there was the potential that he could kick off if his staples became mayoral staples.

Meanwhile on day one for the newbies, as a group they had their first photo call… which obviously meant more man-fail.


Simon Woolf demonstrates that there was a reason he was behind the camera for so long with his ill-fitting baggy number, while little Mark Peck came as a menswear assistant from Farmers Invercargill, with his khaki pants and sleeveless vest combo.

Last but not least is our woman candidate fail.  And who else could it be? But then again, this is pretty epic even for Celia… words  are not needed… (again, click the pic to enlarge… if you must)

celia wade camel toe

I couldn’t resist posting this. Even Len-gate/Brown-smear hasn’t featured camel-toe!

Oh and yes, before the complaints start about having a laugh, we will do some serious posts on the campaign in the near future.

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