Mayors generally shouldn’t be a punchline

Sometimes it is really good to be a Wellingtonian, huh? While Len Brown’s mess is for Auckland to worry about, and nothing to do with our patch, it would seem remiss not to mention it. For all the perceived inadequacies of our mayoral contenders, including the victorious Celia Wade-Brown, (…and maybe I’m being naive) it is hard to imagine a Len-gate/Brown-smear scandal playing out on Wakefield St quite like this.

While Celia is known to inappropriately bike to meetings and at times make us “cringe” – she has absolutely nothing on this! And I would like to think that no one on Council, would stoop to having their extra-marital lover accompany them to meetings with the CEO of China Southern Airlines when you are trying to attract them to land in your city, as has been alleged against Len Brown over on WhaleOil.

Yes, this is arguably his private life, but the jokes have been flying around all over the country and have left a nasty stain on the Auckland Mayoral office (I couldn’t resist!!). And that is actually the biggest problem – overnight he has become a punchline which could now render him a lame-duck.

At every event he attends people will be laughing and mocking him – and yes most of it will be tasteless and crass – but that goes with the territory. He will ride out his days being the butt of water-cooler jokes and will get slammed most weeks on shows like 7-Days.

So at a time when Auckland should have been looking for the accelerator, it could now be rudderless and Wellington may have an opportunity to get itself back in the game.

It also brought to mind the time George Costanza got sacked on Seinfeld for an office affair… “Was that wrong??”

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