Not much Local Govt Progress from Cunliffe

After running a re-cap of how Labour did over the weekend, The Progress Report blog questioned on twitter why the newly elected Labour Leader, David Cunliffe, had been quiet over the results. Now you would think that having the three largest cities with left-aligned Mayors would be something the Labour Party would welcome, but no it was all quiet in the Eastern Front.

However, this was the rather extraordinary exchange that I managed to screen grab earlier (in case Cunny deleted it)



A local matter, handled locally. In other words, ‘nothing to do with me!’ You can almost picture Cunliffe wiping his hands clean of having anything to do with local government as he said it. Which rather reinforces the question that the Progress Report raised in its original blog – where to from here for Labour in local government?

If the central Party doesn’t see Local Government as being relevant to what it is doing – then why run a ticket?


7 responses to “Not much Local Govt Progress from Cunliffe

    • Not entirely sure, but obviously not for Cunliffe. Regardless, his tweet was reasonably benign and what is more interesting is Cunliffe’s response given the Party he now leads just got taught a lesson by the Greens.

  1. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t want to talk this up. It’s an astounding result for the left (even if it grates me personally) and shows that National needs to wake up in time for the elections next year.

    In Wellington, not only was a Green Mayor re-elected, but she has an extraordinarily Green council to support her (Ritchie pending) – surely this is in part as a result of a change of heart from voters fatigued by two terms of National? If so, why not crow about it?

    Weird Cunners. Weird.

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