Closing mayoral candidate statements – Get out the Vote!

The Dominion Post have finally put online their story (below) from its Saturday print edition. It’s effectively the closing statements of all the mayoral candidates.

No doubt many of you will be glad it will be probably be last you hear from them!

For those who haven’t voted, today (Wednesday 9 October) is the last day to post your ballots in. There are also ballot boxes in all the city’s libraries (and the City Council building itself) where you can drop your votes in until 12pm, 12 October.

If you still have no idea who to vote for check out:

If you have voted you should check to see if your friends and families have too!  In the meantime see why the mayoral candidates think they’re the best for the job:

We asked: What makes you the best person to lead Wellington?

Nicola Young

Age: 58. Profession: Writer and political strategist. Affiliation: Independent. Also standing for council, Lambton ward.

This election is your opportunity to make a change at the top of the council. We’ve had three years of muddle, and both the incumbent candidates must take their share of the blame.

I’m determined to promote growth, plus the joy and ease of living in Wellington. I’ve travelled extensively, and have developed a real interest in what makes cities successful – they’re easy to get around, prosperous, happy, attractive and quirky – and my background (in business, politics and the arts) mirrors Wellington’s core sectors.

I offer strong, clear leadership. I’ve got fresh ideas, energy, and flair. I’m open-minded, prepared to listen and think about ideas, and then make a decision. I’m a social liberal who’s fiscally responsible. I don’t do blather or catchphrases; I talk commonsense. I’m resilient, and committed to delivering results swiftly, and driving lasting change in Wellington.

Karunanidhi Muthu

Age: 47. Profession: Barrister. Affiliation: Independent. Also standing for council, Eastern ward.

I sincerely hope that Wellington is ready to embrace the new. We have a wonderful city. We need to create opportunities for our children to retain them here and attract new talents, businesses and investment. We need a mayor with skills and business acumen to compete with Auckland and the rest of the world. I believe I have the passion, qualifications, experience and global connections to make our wonderful city even better. So I request the voters to be brave and make a bold choice by voting 1 for Muthu for Mayor and the Eastern ward.

Rob Goulden

Age: 56. Profession: Businessman and security expert. Affiliation: Independent. Also standing for council, Eastern ward.

Wellington needs a champion, someone who is pragmatic, progressive, and has the skill set, education, passion, dedication and enthusiasm to make this city thrive and prosper. We all want Wellington to live up to its full potential and I am no exception. I love Wellington and have made a conscious choice to live and work and raise my family here. I have worked for 37 years with NZ Police, NZ Army, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, the United Nations in Bosnia and Croatia, Bougainville with the PMG, Tyco International, hospitality industry, 12 years as a city councillor and a director and lately in the health sector.

I hold a master’s degree in Business Administration, do voluntary work as a Justice of the Peace, coach sport, referee rugby and try my best to take care of my own family, which has always been my top priority. I have a unique skill set, the education, integrity, experience, understanding, compassion and drive to make Wellington succeed. I am committed to making Wellington a safer, affordable, diverse city for all, a place where everyone gets their fair share and has opportunities to flourish.

I am dedicated and committed to making Wellington truly stand out.

John Morrison

Age: 66. Profession: NZ cricketer, commentator and sports marketer. Affiliation: Independent. Only standing for mayor.

I have experience as a councillor and a track record of tangible achievements and getting things done. I have been highly active with my sports, recreation and events portfolio, but I’ve also looked for extra work, such as developing and restoring the Khandallah Town Hall or bringing CallActive to Wellington with a potential of 1500-2000 jobs and a huge $60-$70 million annual payroll.

I do not believe party politics has a place in local government. Because I have never been a member of any political party, I am not bound by political ideologies. I make my own judgment and will do what’s right for Wellington. This gives me a significant point of difference from the current mayor, who is bound by the Greens’ party line. I listen to what people want and I am able to relate and facilitate solutions for business, arts, cultural, sporting, recreational and environmental areas to make progress and create a more sustainable society.

Jack Yan

Age: 40. Profession: Company Director. Affiliation: Independent. Only standing for mayor.

From the start, I’ve shared with voters about the “how”, not just the “what”. I’ve been transparent about the policies I’ll follow, and given voters who have any doubts that there is an alternative to “politics as usual”.

My manifesto has been out since April, months before my opponents’, and I’ve welcomed debate. The ideas have come from Wellingtonians, mixed with my own international experience in business, in which I seem to be a few years ahead of the curve. Wellington’s future is that of a world-class city.

Since my first campaign video, produced in February, I’ve been consistent with this theme. We need to connect with the top 40 cities in the world and show off our innovative potential. I’ve come from the creative and innovative sectors, the ones we say we need to grow for our prosperity. I’ve had a lifetime of building bridges with different cultures – being quadrilingual is useful if we are to have a dialogue on the world stage, more so as the centre of the global economy shifts east. Wellington, already innovative on so many fronts, can finally look forward to the mayor’s office mirroring our aspirations.

Celia Wade-Brown

Age: 57. Profession: Programmer, Teacher and Politician. Affiliation: Independent. Only standing for mayor.

I offer myself again as your mayor. I’m inclusive, not divisive, so all elected members will be encouraged to contribute and be accountable.

I’m honest, fair and open-minded, have never endorsed any questionable product, nor threatened staff, nor plagiarised other people’s words. Consider the track record of candidates – do they criticise organisations they are part of or try to fix them? My background as a successful teacher, programmer at IBM and 28 years as a director of a small IT consultancy enables me to understand both social and business issues.

I’m a modern progressive all-rounder with tech understanding, financial literacy, sports enjoyment, arts appreciation, speed-reading skills, multicultural and Tiriti awareness. Next term I will improve the structure of council to streamline decision-making, improve engagement with citizens, business and government. Together we can implement our Smart Capital vision – to be a prosperous, dynamic, connected, people-centred eco-city where talent of all ages wants to live.

While I’ve learnt much in this triennium, I’ve stayed true to community networks and to social justice and environmental action. With a good team on council, I’m ready to act swiftly in the immediate and long-term interests of Wellington’s social, environmental, cultural and economic wellbeing.


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