Eastern Ward and Mayoral candidate Rob Goulden is next up on the WCC Soapbox. Questions or comments for him can be left below.


At this point in the election campaign you’ve heard all the rhetoric, slogans, one-liners and speeches we 6 Mayoral candidates have thrown at you.

Many of you are baying for change.  We need it,  but it MUST be a change for the better!

I am not changing the platform I am standing on, rather adding to it.  If you haven’t read my platform go to vote.co.nz and read it.  While there, think about the qualities you want in your next Mayor, and the experience and background they need to achieve what YOU want for Wellington.

Much of the talk in the Mayoral debates has been so negative  –  “Wellington stagnating”,  “bad relationship with government”, going nowhere, buried at the bottom of the world,  Capital City Collapsing………….

Not so!  

From the net we are getting the polar opposite of that view. The news is POSITIVE!

Recent articles like “Wellington business confidence jumps”  Wellington Chamber of Commerce,   “The ‘Confidence Capital’….. Wellington NZ’s most upbeat region” from the ANZ bank,   “Wellington job market grows 3.1%” on “Scoop”,  “Centrepoint extending freight runway, net profit rises to 11.7m”  again on “Scoop”.

Finally Prime Minister John Key on NewstalkZB followed up by “Scoop: and  “WCC Watch”  Relationship between Govt/Wellington council fine.

All positive, we have turned the corner.

Government shares our city, and we are the  Capital.   It follows that what is good for us is in turn good for them.   We  help ourselves, we will get a greater share of the pie.   It also follows that having such a pro-active community in a capital city will encourage more investors, more businesses, and more start-ups to come to Wellington because of our “can do” attitude.

Suggested reading  “Why NZ is the perfect place to start up”  written by Rebecca Campbell.   She is the founder of “Posse” on the net.   She is a Kiwi living in Australia.   In hindsight she wishes she had begun this venture in NZ………..she says she will launch her next idea here.   One example of that potential.

One serious note before we continue.   Many commentators say I’m like a cracked record on the subject of Council debt.   I am.   To really progress, we must retire the debt and reign in unnecessary spending.  During the financial crisis a continual message was “Reduce your household debt!”.    Surely this should apply to Council as well?

All round, rather than criticisms we need solutions!     Problem solving at its best…………

It IS time for a change, but again it must be a change for the better,  including a change of attitude throughout our Council.

Wellington is often called “quirky”.   Great!   That makes us unique…….lose that, we become just another city.   We can’t let that happen.   Wellington is special  –  let’s show the world just how special we are.  Together we can!

How do we do this?    Think laterally!   Be flexible!   Keep up to date and use new information when it is relevant.   We are a smart city full of smart people.   Lets put our heads together.   Working together we can get better ideas, and smarter decision making.

We need good ideas,  then check their feasibility.  NO committee,  NO consultants.  Two astute researchers could do the job in a fraction of the time and cost.

In business it’s called “brainstorming”.   I prefer to call it “What if”.  It’s fun!  Let the creative juices flow without worrying about the practicalities.  Out of this will come some truly great ideas   –   THEN you worry about the practical side.

Let me start you off.

A permanent campervan park with all the necessary amenities.   Maybe with a cafe, shop with area for souvenirs and tourist pamphlets  –  what to do and see in Wellington.  This will increase visitor numbers, nights spent here and ultimately job opportunities.

What about a 10,000 seat venue on Queens Wharf.  Great for concerts, conferences etc

A First Aid Kit in every car in the City to build resilience in the event of natural disaster

Great ideas for Shelly Bay, and the ex prison land on Miramar peninsula.

Restore the Basin Reserve to its former glory, or better, if possible including the stand and old cottage.

The state of them we have been shown this week is an absolute disgrace.

I am happy to lead this.

A Wellington working bee using volunteers, the unemployed if they wish (looks good on the CV and often leads to job offers.), and businesses.    Make a TV series of our progress.  This will show the rest of NZ and the world how ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY passionate and positive we are about our city

Think Gandhi…………….”Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

Our world.  Wellington!

A positive vote for a change for the better!

Rob Goulden ED JP MBA


One response to “WCC Watch Soapbox: Rob Goulden – VOTE FOR THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE

  1. I’m concerned about this zero-debt policy. Large projects are funded from debt so that the users of the facility pay for the facility. Saving to build puts the burden on people before the facility is built, whereas people who would actually use the facility would not see the burden. By using debt to fund the facility, the users of the facility pay for the use through rates as the debt is paid down. Intergenerational debt is a useful tool.

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