WCC Watch Soapbox: Simon Woolf – Great Advocacy is Essential in a Cohesive and Collaborative Council

Next we on the WCC Soapbox is local business owner and independent Onslow-Western Ward candidate Simon Woolf. Leave your questions and comments for Simon below. If you want to contribute your own WCC Watch Soapbox post you can submit pieces here.

Great Advocacy is Essential in a Cohesive and Collaborative Council

Wellington has suffered from a lack of advocacy in enhancing and promoting the city’s potential. The city’s relationships with Business, and Central Government, in particular, have been detrimentally affected by a lack of initiative, and leadership. The next three years are crucial to Wellington’s future success.

We are on a knife edge. On one hand we can fall over a cliff, and struggle for years to come. On the other we rise, and stake a claim as being a city, that has huge things going for it. We need to show enterprise, innovation and decisiveness in moving forward.

Obviously it is the latter we should be aiming for. While on one hand the Mayoralty race is important, of greater importance are the personalities who form a council team.

I have taken a big step in standing, because I believe in Wellington’s potential, and am passionate about our city. That’s not enough though.  I have a range of skills, which are not currently being shown on our Council. Advocacy is one area where I excel.  I also have the ability to form great relationships, and use existing networks and connections, here in Wellington, nationally, and internationally. I have a reputation as being a facilitator for change, and a mediator in resolving concerns and disputes. These are just a few of the skills I bring to the table. I mentioned team earlier. There is a perception that Wellingtons City Council has lacked a cohesive or collaborative approach for quite some time.

Council needs to function harmoniously, and with the governance and operational sectors working together, and not against each other. Advocacy and great communication skills are hugely important for a member of any team. When you vote, you are voting for the best candidates on offer, and those with skills and competence in a variety of areas. I offer that!


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