Who will it be? NorthernWCCWatch’s picks – to inform and wind you up

Naturally, I have voted already but I thought it was worth setting out my thinking for each ward and the Mayoralty. I should firstly note again that I am not a member of any party, and while I have strongly supported and voted for Labour in the past, it is difficult to see the conditions for that to occur again anytime soon. Like so many, I’ve dried out and sit smack-bang in the centre ground. Which does provide a point of difference to our other red flag waving writers šŸ˜›

Wellington has drifted in the last term, we have had weak leadership and it’s like we have been sat stalled on the starting grid while Auckland and Christchurch power off with their renewed strength. In America’s Cup terms we’re kinda like Luna Rossa spluttering along while Team NZ and Oracle are off having the big race (i.e. they’re moving faster and winning while our branding and outfits are way cooler).

In other words I think we need a shake up across the Council and a few more reform minded voices around the table.


1. Nicola Young

2. John Morrison

3. Jack Yan

Young is an outside runner, but also a very sensible voice on what needs to happen here. There is also no doubting her ability to re-link Wellington to government. However, given where the polls appear to be, I have pinched my nose and given Morrison my 2 as the most likely ‘change’ candidate and he will truck on after Young likely drops out. He isn’t really change as he was at Celia’s side for the last three years as a senior councillor – but he is still probably better than the incumbent. Mr Universe, Jack Yan, gets my third; some people seem to love him but I remain unconvinced to rank the former Alliance candidate any higher. He should run for Council and build profile.

Northern (3 positions)

1. Jacob Toner

2. Justin Lester

3. Malcolm Sparrow

4. Peter Gilberd

Toner has impressed so far – but he may struggle to get up this time as it looks like a close race – hence he gets my 1. Lester, while a little too wet for my liking and too aligned to the sandal wearers, for the most part he has been good so deserves another shot. Malcolm Sparrow I don’t know that well, but has put in the years of service. With my third and fourth votes I was more concerned with keeping Helene Ritchie out – she shouldn’t even be standing after having had her nose in the trough for so long.

Onslow-Western (3 positions)

1. Simon Woolf

2. Jo Coughlan

3. Phil Howison

4. Hayley Robinson

I think Simon Woolf will be great on Council and I am pleased to see more local business people stepping up to stand. Coughlan deserves another go, although she does need to step up her attendance game after being widely panned for being there at the beginning of meetings and then taking off. Howison looks good although I don’t know him that well but he has had good write ups around other blogs.


1. Nicola Young

2. John Dow

3. Iona Pannett

As I mentioned earlier, I think Young will provide a great new voice on Council, and while my colleagues have bagged some of her homemade design efforts – at least she isn’t wasting money I guess and her “I won’t make you cringe” line is one of the best of the campaign. I didn’t know Dow well at all and was frankly put off by the rather lesbian spiky hair, however, I met him at an event this week and he does look to be able to back up the CV. I am doubtful he will get up though. After constantly bagging Pannett some might be shocked that I have ranked her this high and ahead of Peck – while I obviously don’t agree with her for the most part, I think she deserves another shot and is better than the alternatives. Peck and Nicholls look too much like re-treads for me and the remainder of the field is too chaotic to bother with.

Eastern (3 positions)

1. Simon Marsh

2. Ray Mercer

3. Sarah Free

4. John Coleman

Marsh has had a really good first term and deserves another shot as does Ray Mercer. Leonie Gill has served the East well but it is time for new voices here which is why I suggest Free and Coleman next and for me I would go for Free by a nose. But it is a bit of a toss up.

Southern (2 positions)

1. Paul Eagle

2.Ā Ginette McDonald

3. David Lee

4. Donald (theĀ Ronald) MacDonald from Donaldsons Dairy

It would take an Oracle level upset for Paul Eagle to miss out here – but has been one of the most impressive councillors this term and I wonder why he didn’t push for the Mayoralty as well. It is a matter of time before he gets to Parliament – he is far more capable than most of the losers and nongs that make up the Labour Parliamentary caucus.

David Lee has surprisingly impressed too and it was a bit of a toss up between him and Ginette McDonald and basically my kindness towards the Green menace had to wane at some point.

4 responses to “Who will it be? NorthernWCCWatch’s picks – to inform and wind you up

  1. On what basis do you make the statement Councillor Eagle has been impressive, possibly in comparison to some of the deadwood like Ritchie, Cook and Pepperell, but cannot readily recall anything impressive?

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