Women – know your limits!

The latest from the John Morrison campaign – that his direct mail messages vary widely by gender – will surprise no one…

It does however remind us of this…



6 responses to “Women – know your limits!

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  2. A chant for the Women of Wellington.

    John John Morrison Morrison
    Oh what a Noddy you be
    We women have brains
    You can’t have the chains
    And don’t talk down to me!!!

    • Mr Moderater
      Before you wipe out my comment above please consider this.
      I too received a letter from John. Like Alison Ballance and many others I was incensed by the tone of the letter.
      I ask you……..do you like being treated like a dimwit?! I don’t!
      Check the PS at the bottom of the letter..”get your pen out right now and give me your no 1 vote for Mayor”.

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