Spam for Morrison

A reader has just sent in this email he’s received from the pub the Khandallah Trading Company, who are venturing into local government politics. While the email never mentions John Morrison by name, the header of the email included his moustache logo – a pretty clear link.

It will be interesting to see if the costs of the email are included in Morrison’s expenses.

Spam for Morrison


4 responses to “Spam for Morrison

  1. If consultation, open government and careful consideration about what the best solution for Wellington’s transport issues are labelled “indecisive” then think again. We will be saddled with the ugly results of his “vision” for Wellington for years to come – in a world where such solutions (eg flyover) are rejected by modern, progressive cities. Morrison does not have the integrity (plagiarism, sexist remarks, fronting for a failed finance company) or thoughtful approach to complex issues to take on the Mayoralty.

  2. My local pub has just lost me as a customer. Like Hamwilboo I think you should have stopped at the first sentence. Always a mistake for public houses to take political sides.

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