Candidates on the Basin Reserve Flyover

The Save the Basin campaign have asked Wellington’s candidates for local body election (even District Health Board candidates) where they stand on the controversial issue. Very poor response rate overall, but interesting nonetheless – candidates can add their views in the comments if they wish. I could trawl the internet for their positions, but I don’t have time :-). The results were as follows:


Do you support the construction of a flyover at the Basin Reserve?


NO: Rob Goulden, Celia Wade-Brown

YES: John Morrison, Nicola Young

NO ANSWER: Karunanidhi Muthu, Jack Yan


Lambton Ward

NO: Milton Hollard, Iona Pannett, Mark Peck, Steve Preston, Mark Wilson, John Woolf

YES: Rex Nicholls, Nicola Young

NO ANSWER: Michael Appleby, John Dow, Jennifer Steven.


Eastern Ward

NO: Rob Goulden

YES: John Coleman, Peter Kennedy

NO ANSWER: Ray Ahipene-Mercer, Sarah Free, Leonie Gill, Graham McCready, Simon Marsh, Karunanidhi Muthu, Va’ai Va’a Potoi


Southern Ward

NO: David Lee, Bryan Pepperell, Brent Pierson

YES: No candidates

NO ANSWER: Paul Eagle, Don McDonald, Ginette McDonald, Will Moore


Onslow-Western Ward

NO: Malcolm Aitken, Sridhar Ekambaram, Martin Wilson

YES: No candidates

NO ANSWER: Dan Coffey, Jo Coughlan, Andy Foster, Gill Holmes, Phil Howison, Arie Ketel, Emma MacRae, Hayley Robinson, Simon Woolf


Northern Ward

NO: Peter Gilberd, Justin Lester, Helene Ritchie

YES: No candidates

NO ANSWER: Reagan Cutting, Malcolm Sparrow, Jacob Toner


Greater Wellington Regional Council Candidates

NO: Sue Kedgley, Paul Bruce

YES: Barbara Donaldson, Ken Laban, Chris Turver, Fran Wilde

NO ANSWER: Jenny Brash, Nigel Wilson, Daran Ponter, Mike Fleming, Chris Laidlaw, Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati, Judith Aitken, Sandra Greig, John Terris, Prue Lamason, David Ogden, Paul Swain, Gary McPhee, Andrew Stewart, John Dalziell.

5 responses to “Candidates on the Basin Reserve Flyover

  1. If you look at Save the Basins original report of the candidates position they make clear that they asked for yes or no answers. If they instead got explanations, fluff etc they went back and asked again for yes or no. The candiates were told that if they wouldn’t state their position clearly Yes or No that it would be recorded that they didn’t reply. Obviously a lot of our candidates like to hedge their bets and won’t reply simply to a direct question.

  2. Answering was easy. Yes or no was what was needed, then if you wanted, critiquing that answer was the way to go. Then it was up to the organisers if they wanted to use that information. Obviously not. But looking at other survey’s, many candidates have simply not bothered responding. That’s a bit similar to how many feel about the way the are treated by their Councillors.

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