John Morrison suppressing the vote

Not content with just making gross jokes, mayoral candidate John Morrison’s attempt to suppress the student vote has been upheld by the City Council Electoral office. Salient report:

Voting for the upcoming Local Body Elections will no longer be allowed on campus, following complaints to the Electoral Office.

The City Council Electoral office has confirmed that there will be no voting drop off boxes provided at the University. However a special voting facility will be available on Wednesday 25 September from 9.30am to 3pm.

Though the Electoral Office is refusing to release details of the complaints, Salient understands that mayoral candidate John Morrison is one of the complainants.

In a statement released to Salient, Morrison has said that his “issue is about providing the same opportunities equally to all sectors of our community” but that he “[doesn’t] have a problem with this process.”

VUWSA will be challenging the decision.

What a disgrace. Students and young people are already the least likely to vote in the first place, so making it harder for them to vote where they spend most their time will just perpetuate that problem. Morrison took to Twitter to defend his voter suppression with this pathetic agrument:

Picture 25If Morrison is so concerned about fairness and democracy why isn’t he spending his time and efforts expanding where people can vote, especially those who historically fail to do so for a number of reasons?

Here’s a snapshot of the Twitter reaction to Morrison’s anti-democratic crusade:

aaaaaHopefully Morrison’s attempt at voter suppression will be a catalyst for more people, especially students, turning out to vote, and for his opposition.

UPDATE – He’s flip flopped, telling Salient:

Firstly, I do want students to vote, I want all Wellingtonians to vote.

I’m very unhappy about the way the matter has been handled by all concerned. I believe that in a democratic election no one group of people should have special voting privileges over any other. I am disappointed at the outcome of the question I raised which was not about removing ballot boxes but the question of ballot boxes throughout the city at appropriate venues.

What I am pursuing is that not only universities have them but also other groups and organisations to have equal access to a temporary ballot box and that the opportunity for easier voting is made available to all groups and organisations.

As Wellington City Council electoral office opted to add ballot boxes to the postaI voting system I will request that they return the ballot box to Victoria University and also offer the same opportunity to other organisations and groups such as other tertiary institutions, hospitals, large workplaces and retirement villages.

Silly kids didn’t understand he wanted MORE democracy, not less, despite wanting to remove ballot boxes! Lol.

9 responses to “John Morrison suppressing the vote

  1. Small correction: I don’t think the Council’s Electoral Office is the same thing as the Electoral Commission, but I could be wrong

  2. So I assume then that people are in favour of special ballot boxes not available anywhere else that target key demographics that favour the incumbent?

    And of course god forbid someone just ask if that’s fair or not.

    At least an “attempt” at being balanced would be appreciated.

    • Who said anything about the ballot boxes not being available anywhere else? The point is this is a positive effort to encourage engagement and participation, and it should be built on, not reversed!

  3. Interesting that every time he’s caught out making a stupid remark or plagiarising the chief executive or whatever Morrison immediately gets out the grumpiness. Rather than just apologising for making a mistake he accuses everyone else of misunderstanding him! He’s beginning to sound like Muldoon, who was famous for saying that the press continually misquoted him!

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