Wade-Brown and students to announce Rental WOF scheme

Celia Wade-Brown will tomorrow announce plans for a rental warrant of fitness scheme alongside the President of Victoria’s students’ association.

Following closely behind the Otago University Students’ Association and the Dunedin City Council’s Mayor Dave Cull groundbreaking efforts, the Association is expecting over 100 students to be present at the announcement detailing the partnership between the Office of the Mayor and the Association that will develop a local bill empowering Wellington City Council to set minimum standards for rental accommodation in the jurisdiction, often called a ‘Rental Warrants of Fitness’.

Local Member of Parliament Grant Robertson has signaled he will take the bill up from the Wellington City Council once it has been fully drafted.

Salient note that:

The Bill’s success may also depend on the outcome of October’s mayoral election. While current Mayor Celia Wade-Brown is supportive of the idea, there is no guarantee a new mayor would be, should Wade-Brown fail to be re-elected. However, the Bill’s success is not entirely dependent on the views of the Mayor, as the Council votes as a whole. VUWSA has talked to “most councillors”, according to McCourt, “most” of whom are in support of the Bill and suggest a majority will be reached on Council. Councillor and leading mayoral candidate John Morrison did not return Salient’s calls.

It would be great to hear what the candidates think of this – leave a comment below.

The announcement will also feature student stories highlighting the social and economic costs of poor quality housing. University of Otago housing and health researcher Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman, a lead proponent of the concept will also be on hand to discus the issue and the impact it has on the city.

We’ll have more on this in the coming days.


7 responses to “Wade-Brown and students to announce Rental WOF scheme

  1. Aren’t announcements by the Office of the Mayor this close to the election contrary to the Code of Conduct and the OAG Guidelines? Isn’t anything like this supposed to be done by the Chief Executive?

  2. I’ve lived in some pretty substandard rental flats as an undergrad – poorly insulated and no ventilation (otherwise known as a breeding ground for mold!). I support a ‘Rental Warrant of Fitness’ that ensures rental properties are up to a minimum standard. The devil is always in the detail, and for this it is ensuring the standard isn’t set too high so that some rental houses are pulled off the market or rents don’t skyrocket.

  3. I am proud to say I was there, and I totally support the concept of a WOF for rental housing- After all other things that are sold have to be “fit -for-purpose” so why not housing?

    The best idea is to concentrate on the basics – no leaks, (roof, guttering, drains and windows in reasonable nick), insulation retrofitted if possible, at least one energy-efficient heater, security stays on at least three windows, and preferably bathroom and kitchen extractor fans.

    If landlords only realised it, these measures make financial sense in that their properties will stay in better condition. And if everyone has to get their properties up to standard, and there are good incentives in place, it need not inflate rents at all.

    And the savings in health and other social costs could be considerable.

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