Morrison puts his foot in it again

John Morrison has put his foot in it again, this time at last week’s Rotary Arts and Awards Exhibition where he gave a speech before the presentation of awards, to an audience of about 100+ people. An attendee (who’s not involved with any other council campaigns) writes:

At the exhibition event there was a live female semi-nude model being painted by a female artist. Mr Morrison, in his opening speech, thought it fitting to crack a joke about how he had been chatting to the lovely young lady and how she said she would “come see him later, in the shower”. 

The comment was not well received, with mostly scattered mutters. It was, I am sure, not appreciated by the poor woman, who must have been so embarrassed to have had her words either made up, modified or taken well out of context, as I am sure they were. I did not get the chance to talk to her, I believe she left soon afterwards and fair enough too. I would be mortified if I were her.

That kind of comment, from anyone, to anyone but particularly an audience, is unacceptable. It is not even just ‘un-PC’, it is lewd, sexist, and rude – as if the point of the model being there were for him to think about sexually – it definitely wasn’t. I don’t think we want a councillor or mayor who thinks he can comment about young womens’ bodies in such a harmful disrespectful way.

No doubt Morrison will brush this off as some trivial banter. But it’s not. Dismissing it will only lead to much worse examples of misogyny being downplayed and not being taken as seriously as a result. I’m sure Morrison isn’t a misogynist, but I hope recognises the problem and apologises for his poor choice of joke.

10 responses to “Morrison puts his foot in it again

  1. Interesting to note that this “incident” occurred on the same day that the Wellington mayoral candidates were invited to address Zonta – the group “Advancing the Status of Women Worldwide through service and
    I wonder what “jokes” he told there!

  2. Those nasty comments belong in boys locker rooms. And even there there are enlightened men who would challenge them thank goodness.

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  4. I was at the Mayoral Debate tonite and William Hunt stood up and challanged John Morrison which went down like a led balloon. It is reported by William that Morrison came up to him after and apologized, William asked if he could have it in writing…………

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  6. I was there, and the joke seemed to go down like a….well like an offer of a cold shower with John Morrison quite frankly.. I didnt realise who he was and thought him just the typical type of Neanderthal old duffer you’d expect to find at a Rotary Club Do,.. especially in an organisation imbued with such rugger bugger mentality..

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