Points to Morrison as he announces Rings museum

Reports in the Dominion suggest mayoral candidate, John Morrison,  has had a points win over Celia Wade-Brown. Earlier this week we highlighted that an internal tussle was unfolding around the Lord of the Rings museum and who would announce it and claim the glory. In this case though, Saruman, appears to have defeated the tree Ents.

Today, Morrison has made that announcement – while the Mayor “declined” to comment. Oh dear.

Wade-Brown had been as desperate as Morrison to cash-in on the museum and the project was causing significant angst amongst those close to it as it was dragged down into the election campaign. Morrison has now ‘owned’ all the big Council wins this year and it is extraordinary how he has out gunned the Mayor.

This was a significant round for Wade-Brown to lose and to take the boxing analogy further, she is on the ropes and is scrambling to hold on to the Mayoral chains. We heard this week that the Mayor realises that her poor relationship with central government is hurting her, she publicly voted in both directions on the Basin flyover in a clumsy attempt to please everyone and is being out played by her opponents.

The question now is whether Wade-Brown can use her incumbency more effectively to turn the tide.



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