Young brings Wellington, ICT and John Key together

Strathmore Park has blogged on what he has described as the ‘coup’ of the campaign – Nicola Young organised and hosted the ‘Wired Wellington’ which provided a showcase of Wellington’s exciting ICT scene to Prime Minister John Key at Wellington’s cafe du jour, Prefab.

key and young

This is the first time Young has flexed her undoubted political muscle and connections – and what a way to do it. The event should provide the boost to spark some additional life into her campaigns for Mayor and Lambton. Getting the Prime Minister of the country out to a local government campaign event is no mean feat – but also neither is bringing the 60 or so leading lights of the local ICT industry together.

The event comes on the back of Key’s remarks that Wellington wasn’t far off its death rattle. In a single afternoon she not only demonstrated that she has the ability to connect with the highest levels of central government, but also that she gets the value and, more importantly, the potential of Wellington’s ICT scene.

Strathmore captured it nicely –

“This was an event with no mainstream media, I suspect that David Farrar and I will be the only ones to write about it. It wasn’t a PR stunt on John Key’s part, and that’s interesting, because that means that Nicola Young has the ear of central government all the way up to the Prime Minister.

In other words, the Prime Minister didn’t turn up because he was going to score media points, he turned up because Nicola asked him to come.”

That in itself is a brilliant endorsement, and sets the bar pretty damned high for her competitors. Wellington has been struggling to cut through with the Government – and Wade-Brown with the Cabinet in particular; Young has just shown she has the connections.

Young and MOD


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