Serial complainer standing for Southern Ward

Not to be outdone by the Eastern Ward, the good people of the Southern Ward will have their fair share of oddball candidates with the news Donald McDonald is standing for council. From TVNZ:

Donald McDonald is probably this country’s most prolific complainer. He makes up nearly 5% of all of TV ONE’s complaints.

He complained once that ONE News’ isobar weather map was a subliminal advertisement for the movie Shrek that was broadcast on TVNZ later that night.

He complained to Wellington City Council that its fireworks displays contained phalic symbols.

Recently Don became the first person to be fined by the Broadcasting Standards Authority for complaining too often about too little.

It cost him $50. He appealed and this week had his day in the High Court.

I say we need more phalic symbols in our fireworks. This is reported to be his first advertisement, found in a copy of the Trade and Exchange:


It’s days like these remind me why I love local government. Watch out Paul Eagle!

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