Naughty Morrison

Here’s reason #32 branded candidate cars are not always the best idea.


Mayoral opponent and Lambton Ward candidate Nicola Young snapped this “irresistible‘ photo of John Morrison’s monster truck flouting the Council’s own parking rules on Thursday evening. According to Young he was parked up for more than 45 minutes on her first sighting in the 10 minutes zone.


5 responses to “Naughty Morrison

  1. I wonder if this is the major issue that faces council or is it the cost of earthquake strengthening we should be talking about? I’m more concerned he’s driving a Ford because I hear the Holden fraternity feel disenfranchised. “Let him/ her who is without sin cast the first stone” and to avoid any misunderstanding it’s an approximate quote allegedly from Jesus

    Simon “Swampy” Marsh Eastern Ward Wellington City Councillor Authorised by Mrs Marsh who says ” see it does get in”

  2. I wonder what other rules Morrison (or his supporter – but most likely Morrison) consider with as little regard as he demonstrates here? I wonder how much business the poor shop owner missed out on due to his actions?

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