Will Lyn of Tawa end Pepperell’s political career?

Ginette McDonald’s surprise entrance into the Southern Ward race is a real game changer and finally breathes some life into an otherwise boring sausage fest .

She has a ridiculous level of name recognition, has probably MC’d a fundraiser of some sort for most of the schools and many of its clubs in the ward, and is currently the only female candidate running in the ward. Also who doesn’t like Lyn of Tawa?

With that McDonald stands a very good chance at exorcising the ward of Bryan Pepperell. Especially when you consider how vulnerable Pepperell is – he’s been there for 17 years, limped to re-election on the 11th iteration in 2010 (7th in 2007), and then was rated the most recent worst performing councillor by the Wellingtonian. We all know what happened to the last councillor to receive that award.

In 2010 the then first-time candidate Paul Eagle bested Pepperell by almost 1000 on the first iteration vote count, eventually winning the top spot on the fifth iteration.

There’s no reason why McDonald can’t do the same if she runs a smart campaign and does the basics well.

Update – Here is the Dominion Post’s coverage.

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