Farcical Alternative Giving Fund costs revealed

Thanks to an official information request by rumoured-almost-Lambton-Ward-candidate Jackson Wood we now know that Wellington City Council invested wasted almost $40,000 in to its “Alternative Giving Fund” campaign that raised $452 in its first two weeks.

It also revealed that the Council didn’t ask or receive any advice as to the effect the Alternative Giving Fund would have on those it claims to be assisting, those who ask for money on the street of Wellington.

Council also have no idea what the Alternative Giving Fund’s revue forecast will be. Not even a guess-titmate.

Stephanie Cook, Celia Wade-Brown and the rest of Council should be ashamed for splashing almost $40,000 of ratepayer money on a project that encourages people not to give to those in need instead of waging a war on the causes of inequality, homelessness and poverty in the city. This is a disgrace.

Picture 4.

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