Slow trickle of Greater Wellington Regional Council nominees

Just like Wellington City Council’s list of nominations to date, the Great Wellington Regional Council list is pretty sparse less than a week before nominations close.

So far 5 incumbents – Daran Ponter, Paul Swain, Jenny Brash, Prue Lamason and Sandra Greig are seeking reelection. A number of incumbents have yet to nominate including Fran Wilde, Paul Bruce, Judith Aitken and Chris Laidlaw. That Paul Bruce has yet to nominate is interesting. You’d think with Sue Kegdley threatening to kill him off as they both fight for a Wellington City seat, he’d want to get out campaigning (and nominated) early.

They’re joined by:

Current first term Hutt City councillor Ken Laban and former 4 term Labour MP, 4 term Hutt City mayor and ex Paul Quinn staffer John Terris, are both seeking one of the three Lower Hutt seats. It’s interesting to note a key part of Laban’s decision to run was the need for fresh blood:

The decision of Campbell Barry to stand for the city’s Wainuiomata Ward also played a role as he believes the city council needs new blood.

“I have a lot of confidence that he could develop into an outstanding local body politician and add a younger perspective to the council table”.

By running, Laban’s allowing the Hutt City to get fresh blood in the form of the younger Barry and giving some to the GWRC in the form of himself. Given his profile he should be successful in replacing Peter Glensor as one of Lower Hutt’s regional councillors, bringing not only fresh blood, but some much lacking diversity to the table. A huge contrast to the likes of Terris and Kedgley.

Former Wellington City councillor and three term Green MP Sue Kedgley who is promising a “dynamic new voice” and “fresh vision and innovative 21st century ideas” in her bid for a Wellington City seat.

Last seen picketing Peter Dunne’s house on a Monday night, MANA’s Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati is seeking a Wellington City seat and will campaign around water rights, community decision making and stopping oil drilling. She wins my award for most “uniquely” designed, multi fonted and coloured campaign poster (below).

Failed 2010 Kapiti mayoral candidate and former 3 term GWRC Councillor Chris Turver is seeking to regain his former Kapiti seat six years after “retiring”. This blog often criticises people using the regional council as a retirement plan, Turver takes that idea to a whole new level.

No one has yet nominated for the Wairarapa seat, maybe they’ve given up on the Wellington region already.

We’ll update both the final WCC and GWRC lists of confirmed nominees on Friday.

Picture 17


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One response to “Slow trickle of Greater Wellington Regional Council nominees

  1. The Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati poster truly is incredible… if only we actually had STV for WRC it would absolutely win my vote! Might still slip her a tick as I can’t imagine it would hurt Paul Bruce’s chances…

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