Morrison opts to Copyright instead of Authorise

Of all people, 1970s throwback and mayoral contender, John Morrison, has decided to copyright his website instead of publishing a correct authorisation statement.

“Copyright © 2013 John Morrison For Mayor. All rights reserved.” How about just publishing a correct statement?

He also doesn’t appear to have correct authorisation on his unquestionably masculine campaign vehicle…


This is just not good enough from a senior councillor. He should know better.

It is early days in the campaign, but we are still seeing example, after example of candidates messing this up or using questionable addresses. I have no idea why this has become so difficult for candidates, but clearly the local returning officer needs to hold the hand of a few candidates and walk them through how to follow basic instructions. It does seem to be a matter of time before a candidate lays a formal complaint over one of the numerous examples.

Why on earth a copyright though, you ask? Morrison was obviously just looking out for WCC CEO, Kevin Lavery – he must have worried that people might copy his copied speeches and thought it best to protect his copied speeches from being copied by registering a copyright on his website.

But at least this drew our attention to his website which features a pretty epic bio which is only made better by the picture he took of himself on the big screen at the Basin Reserve. Did you know he played sport and basically organised every game of sport as well as building every venue in Wellington? His favourite taxi drivers have endorsed him too btw.

Basically Morrison appears to have transformed himself into the Alan Partridge (pictured) of Wellington politics – seriously, is it just me or is his website channelling Alan’s ‘Out and About in Norwich‘ clip?

UPDATE: Morrison has done the right thing and now fixed his website up so it has an actual authorisation statement (his Facebook page still isn’t authorised though – WCCWatch)- and he’s not using the Council as his address! Fear not though, he hasn’t removed the impressive photo gallery from his bio page – including the Putin-esque fishing shot. One assumes he has also fixed up the livery on the Masculine-Morrison-Man-Machine/Khandallah ute.

Knowing me WCC Watch, Knowing you John Morrison Ah Haaaa!

H/T to Donald McGregor for picking up the copyright cock up.

UPDATE 2: The good people at Scoop have noticed Morrison is still contravening the Electoral Act, because the authorisation added after we posted this story is neither the address of his home nor of his workplace. It’s the address of a Wellington public relations company named Morrison McDougall.


2 responses to “Morrison opts to Copyright instead of Authorise

  1. Aah-haaaaaaa!

    Also, on the billboard photo, you can also see that “Yvonne is thinking about it”. Thinking about voting for Mystery?
    Yeah, naaaah.

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