Green candidate takes Free shot at Swampy Marsh

While some of the wards are looking more like a slumber party, the contest in the Eastern Ward seems to be underway with the first shots being fired. Green candidate, Sarah Free has flagged in the comments section on our candidates page that Simon “Swampy” Marsh has commited a rather amateur error… and no, it’s not referencing John Farnham with his new self-applied nickname… The Voice…

Free has highlighted that Marsh is using a PO Box number to authorise his campaign material instead of the required physical address… ‘sarahfreenz’ posted: “Note that Simon Marsh’s website is authorised with a PO Box address, I’m pretty sure its meant to be a physical address”

This is Marsh’s current statement from his website – “Authorised by C.I. Drader PO Box 9025 Wellington.”  While I’m sure C.I. Drader is a wonderful person, it isn’t exactly the most informative or transparent statement I’ve seen. Marsh will obviously need to get it sorted asap and it’s another solid reminder for candidates to get that right. I only hope he doesn’t do a Morrison/Wade-Brown and use his Council address – first time candidates don’t have a ratepayer funded office to filter the voters who want to contact them, so neither should anyone else.

It is interesting that Sarah Free would have such a public swing at an opponent and does show that this Green Party means business. She could have emailed us and chances are we would have still raised the Marsh issue, but by pointing out in her own name in the comments suggests the Greens wanted to give Marsh a tap on the nose. Whatever the reason, I’m thankful that the campaign is coming to life… now let’s we wait for the main event – Leonie Gill versus Ray Ahipene-Mercer (nee Mercer)…




7 responses to “Green candidate takes Free shot at Swampy Marsh

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  3. Good spotting by the greens there. The statement has remained unchanged from the previous election as a test to see who is focussed on the finer details that really matter to the growth of our city and well-being of Wellingtonians, just don’t be swamped by the small stuff. My monthly “Swampy’s Caravan Clinic” is this Saturday morning at Countdown Kilbirnie and I am sure that the discussions will be about some more meaty stuff that really concerns the folk in the Eastern Ward. Please drop on down if you have any issues you need to talk about. PS Thanks though, I have now amended the “Your Voice” website

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