Mark Peck’s memory loss

Labour Lambton Ward candidate, Mark Peck, jumped straight on Facebook this morning at the news that his fellow Ward candidate, Nicola Young, is standing for Mayor. Only problem is that either his knowledge of Wellington ain’t that great or his memory is a little hazy as he doubts the chances of a “newbie” winning the mayoralty.

I don’t make a habit of commenting on the campaigns of others, but it is interesting to see Nicola Young put her hat in the ring for Mayor. I am not sure what this says about the others offering their services for Mayor… … Most who have tried this have failed. I don’t think it has ever worked for a newbie  to win the Mayorality [sic] but I am happy to be proved wrong about this.”

Well let me assist. While Wade-Bicycle and Prendergast may have been old hands at the Council table – do the names, Fran Wilde, Mark Blumsky and Sir James Belich ring a bell? The three mayors immediately before Prendergast were all “newbies” – Wellington has a proud history of “newbies”. And while Wilde may have had a Parliamentary career, Blumsky was a shoe salesman… not exactly the typical training ground for office, and a good example of why fresh blood can be effective… but so too can a little local knowledge!


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