Nicola Young for Mayor?

We’re getting word that Nicola Young is getting ready to announce that she is standing for the Mayoralty, as well as for Lambton.

Is she the “independent” hero the centre-Right of Wellington politics have been holding out for after the Jo Coughlan fizzer, the Theresa Gattung flirt, and the constant own-goal scoring of 1960s throwback John Morrison?

Right now the “Nicola Young” campaign Facebook is down. Maybe she’s revamping it with her mayoral vision? However her endearingly homemade website remains unchanged.

If the reports are in fact true, it would give the city a true contest between the Left of Celia Wade-Brown, the “independent” Right of Nicola Young, and the Centre/non-politics of Jack Yan. Oh, and the city’s grumpy granddad, John Morrison.

As northernwwcwatch noted earlier this week, Young has led an energetic campaign in the Lambton Ward to date and is pragmatic while still building interest and excitement.

But if she did translate that into a mayoral campaign supported and resourced by the likes of Kerry Prendergast, Chris Parkin and Rex Nicholls, she would not only bolster her bid for one of Lambton’s 3 seats, but would give the currently ho-hum mayoral race that kick start it needs and be a competitive opponent to Celia Wade-Brown.

Time will tell.

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4 responses to “Nicola Young for Mayor?

  1. I don’t vote on ideological grounds and a possible Young candidacy has spiked an interest in me. Looking at her Council flier – her calling for carpark profits to be returned to Wellington ratepayers – it is immature to say she is from “the right.” Maybe she is what Wellington needs?

  2. Nah, shes just playing the free publicity card the same as Brian
    Pepperell – stand for mayor and get some extra coverage. Bet she only wants a seat on the council and doesn’t have the courage to only run for mayor.

    • Well, as a fellow annonymous blogger, I wouldn’t throw the word ‘courage’ around. Also I’m not sure you can criticise a politician for wanting to get extra publicity or coverage? Seems a bit redundant to say a candidate wants publicity.

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