Kedgley confirms candidacy for Regional Council trough

As we predicted, former Green MP, Sue Kedgley is standing for Regional Council alongside the Green incumbent, Paul Bruce. In doing so, Kedgley adds her name to a long list of former MPs and mayors who have sought a retirement income boost through the Regional Council.

Kedgley obviously brings a high profile to the campaign, and it will be interesting to see whether there is room for two Greens or whether she will push the incumbent Green out. Paul Bruce has been well regarded for his work on public transport and could be a loss for the Greens in this space as Kedgley is better known for her 3L monster Oriental Bay vehicle than for catching the Bus.

As we touched on previously, such a high profile candidate does again indicate how seriously the Greens are now taking Wellington. Kedgley has a strong following amongst the trendy-green set with her opposition to all those evil ‘businesses’ and ‘foods’ and she could grow the Green brand and voting bloc in the City.

The Greens embarassingly pushed Labour into third place for  the Party Vote in Wellington Central in 2011, despite that campaign being led by the now Deputy Labour leader, Grant Robertson. There is no question the Greens can smell blood aloe and are going for the jugular by growing the brand and vote share more broadly across Wellington.


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