Morrison ‘really nails’ own chances

The safe and credible facade of John Morrison’s campaign has taken yet another hit with the leak of an email which raises questions about his political judgement and governance skill. The emails are both politically dumb but also make you wonder if he gets what is and isn’t appropriate. Either way it doesn’t look at all mayoral.

The blunder comes at a time when concerns have been raised privately about whether or not Morrison has the ability to run a modern and effective campaign. His lacklustre and outdated efforts (pictured) so far as well as his well publicised plagiarism issues has led to desperate attempts by the Prendergast clique to find alternatives.

Morrison has surrounded himself with a crew that reflect his old-white male image and his campaign tactics and conduct reflect that as well. While some including myself hoped that he could provide a smooth, mature and credible transition through the change that is coming, there are real doubts about that now and he looks to have far more in common with Wade-Brown than anyone realised. They were both elected in the early 90s and seem to have many of the same traits.

Quite why you would ever put threats such as  “I promise you will rot in hell”  or that “I want to really nail” CCO executives in a written (and highly leak-able) email beggars belief and probably does suggest that the Prendergast hard right crew are probably on to something as they scrape around looking for another option.

It also reinforces our earlier Bonnie Tyler call for a new hero to break this shambles of a campaign open and give us something to vote for.



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