Peter Glensor Quits

Peter Glensor is quitting local government.

His departure from the Greater Wellington Regional Council will create a vacancy in the three person Lower Hutt Constituency that he topped with 15,712 votes in the 2010 elections.

All up Glensor has spent 9 years on the regional council, 13 years on the Hutt Valley District Health Board (Tony Ryall sacked him as Chair), 3 years on the Capital and Coast DHB, 3 years on the Hutt City Council and 3 years as chair of DHB New Zealand.

He’s pretty much the Hutt Valley’s Helene Ritchie, only he knows how to let go.

Most recently he’s been a controversial figure over public transport, especially with his opposition to the fairer fares campaign. With a near majority of current regional Councillors supporting fairer fares I doubt he will be missed and his departure should give a big boost to the campaign.

With speculation that the Greens are bringing Sue Kedgely out of cryopreservation to stand her in Wellington City, it will be interesting to see who will replace Glensor in Lower Hutt.

Given you need to be a washed up sportsperson or ex-elected official I’m not holding my breath. Will David Ogden finally get elected? Sources have told us that Ray Wallace is waiting to find out how big Glensor’s office is before he makes any decisions on whether he will stand.


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