Hutt Valley Mayor wants a bigger office

You will remember WCC Mayor, Celia Wade-Brown, came under fire from the Dom Post for the $350k upgrade of her office to ‘luxury nest’ status. Not wanting to be left out, it seems like Hutt City Mayor, Ray Wallace, is following suit.

Apparently as part of the $20million earthquake strengthening and upgrade of the Hutt City Council building, Wallace’s office will be upgraded and kitted out with his own bar, luxury ensuite and made-to-measure rug.


We have been told that Council staff have been left pulling their hair out as Wallace has apparently dug his toes in and wants a much bigger office than what is planned. Council staff are now left trying to balance the Mayors demands within the tight budget framework for the project.

It turns out the self appointed ‘man of the people’ prefers his digs to be a little more Eastbourne than Wainui. We’ve been told that the growing sense of entitlement has surprised and disappointed many who have seen Wallace in action.

Now of course we are not saying the Mayor shouldn’t have a suite that reflects the importance of his position – but what is with this supposed need for vast palatial surroundings?

4 responses to “Hutt Valley Mayor wants a bigger office

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  3. Hi there. While I am a great advocate for people having a voice and speaking out I do suggest you. Heck your facts. At no time have I every request a bigger mayoral office. Sorry to disappoint you but the new office in the restrengthened building will be much much smaller than what’s there now which I to save on costs fully agreed to a smaller office and the office certainly won’t have a bar or even a rug. Cheers Ray Wallace

    • Thanks for your reply Ray. What we had been told, and what we said in the article was that you were calling for a bigger office than what was planned. We will take your word for it on the bar and other facilities… but I don’t think anyone is in doubt that there is a rug involved here!

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