Campaign for Lambton

Uncertainty around Ian McKinnon’s future and only three people so far contesting three seats isn’t holding back candidates in their campaigns for the Lambton Ward with 98 days until ballot papers go out.

A reader has sent us a copy of Nicola Young‘s election pamphlet they recently received (if you see or receive campaign material from any  candidates please send us a copy):



It’s unclear what sort of volunteer base she has helping to get these out, but she’s also been attending events around the ward and campaigning at places like the City & Harbourside Markets:


And practicing her kissing of babies:


Meanwhile Labour’s candidate Mark Peck and his volunteers are out delivering hundreds of fliers, with Peck regularly posting updates of his progress on Facebook :


And his team have already started door-knocking and phone canvassing the ward, while his hoardings are set to go up in July.


Incumbent Lambton Ward councillor Iona Pannett doesn’t seem to have started her campaign yet, instead she’s prolifically commenting on issues on social media, focusing on issues currently before the Council – like annual plan deliberations and campaigns such as the one to save Capital E and the Living Wage.


Of course she’s also studiously holding the Dominion Post accountable for balanced and responsible coverage of issues :-).

Picture 19But given her previous laudable and solid campaigning efforts, she’ll no doubt be stepping things up soon.

Ten candidates stood for the Lambton Ward in 2010. But with Stephanie Cook retiring and McKinnon looking unlikely to run again, it will be interesting to see if any other candidates come of out the woodwork looking to pick up the one of two open seats if things remain as they currently are and will the Greens stand a second candidate?

It will also be very interesting to see whose campaign efforts were the most effective when we see who tops the ward on election day. Will it be a case of ho-hum name recognition, or good old fashioned groundwork?


One response to “Campaign for Lambton

  1. Nicola Young was in our neighbourhood today door knocking. It was really good to see, she’s the only candidate Ive ever had knock on my door. She seemed sensible to me.

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