Breakfast with Bryan

Thanks to the reader who sent this gem of a video in. Buried within this 20 minute diatribe on flaxseed, the state of the world economy is of course… fluoride. It looks like the anti-sciency lobby have found their champion – Southern Ward councillor Bryan Pepperell. From 17:40 in the video:

The problem with Wellington City Council water is it has fluoride in it – really bad! And you can’t get those councillors, and I’m one of them, to actually think about the consequences of what they’re doing. I mean this is actually quite a harmful substance and it’s in our drinking water. And I’ll tell you what, we don’t need it. It’s in toothpaste. The whole idea of fluoridation is it washes around the teeth – it washes around in your mouth and it affects the outside of the teeth. It’s no good digesting it. It’s no good actually having it in your water and drinking it. It is actually poisonous. That’s not the way to look after your health.

I think he has perhaps been a bit too liberal with the dispensing of the cayenne pepper.

We may have to keep a closer watch on Bryan’s video updates, they are really quite special.

4 responses to “Breakfast with Bryan

  1. Oh what fun! I hope that in time as the candidates line up there can be a little list of people not to vote for if you care about public health!

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