Where will Ritchie go?

As we have previously noted, Northern Ward Councillor, Helene Ritchie, likes to pop up all over Wellington. She has lived in the Lambton Ward for the best part of 20 years, but has made a habit of annexing neighbouring territories – for example she has been defending the poor people of the Eastern Ward over the possible runway extension. Quite why Ritchie thinks she is the voice of Miramar is anyones guess.

Ritchie was first elected in 1977 and it is no secret she hasn’t  lived in the Northern Ward for some time. However, recently rumours have begun circulating that in 2013 Ritchie will break with tradition and stand in the Ward she actually lives in.

Now what is really interesting about this is that we have been told that it is her fellow Councillors who are pushing the rumour – in particular the incumbents who are potential competitors in the Lambton Ward.

Of course, rumours and scuttlebutt fly around all the time, but Ritchie has got herself way out of step this term with colleagues, particularly over the Airport. It appears that after first arriving on the scene in 1977, people have finally grown tired of her presence and are aghast at the thought of Ritchie reinventing herself in Lambton.

So will Ritchie try to stand again in the North, or will she pop up in Lambton? Neither would be a terrific result in pushing Wellington towards the future and driving growth. Anyone who has been on Council in the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s has surely had their time.

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