Fluoride Fundies

In a huge victory for the anti-fluoride, anti-public health and anti-science lobby, Hamilton has become the the second-largest unfluoridated population in the country following a 7-1 vote by its city council.

Here in Wellington, if you live in Lower Hutt, Porirua, Upper Hutt or Wellington City, you’re most likely drinking fluroated water. Petone and Korokoro are the only areas within the region that receive unfluoridated water. Compared to areas in New Zealand, fluoridation hasn’t been a huge issue.

But for some it is. During a 2010 candidates meeting in Newtown, Southern Ward candidate Will Moore said that if he lost his election he was going to move from Wellington to somewhere where there was no fluoride, due to the “risk” to his kids. Has Will Moore moved away and is he running his 2013 campaign from afar?

Moore came a credible 3rd in 2010, only a few hundred votes behind Bryan Pepperall, so he has a real chance at winning the second Southern Ward seat in 2013 and bringing his anti-fluoride views to the council table.

It would be interesting to know the position of other candidates and current councillors on this issue. There is a small, but organised anti-fluoride lobby in New Zealand and with their victory in Hamilton will they try their luck in Wellington?

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11 responses to “Fluoride Fundies

  1. I’m pro-fluoride. Delivering it through our drinking water is a proven way to reduce dental decay & more consistent delivery method than tablets (the only option when I was a child). Most of us will outlive our teeth, and I’m in favour of anything that helps keep people’s teeth operational. Old age has enough challenges; fluoride reduces the chances of toothlessness being one of them. Naysayers can always get their drinking water from the Te Puna Wai Ora conduit in Petone, or the other outlet at Moore Wilson (marked with a Paul Dibble sculpture).

  2. Points to Nicola Young for responding. We challenged pretty much everyone over on Twitter – @WCCWatch – and so far she is the only one to reply. We know they’e reading it, so it’s a bit disappointing. Maybe Iona and the gang are too busy stocking up on fluoride tablets?

    • Excellent… now for all the others… Pepperell’s probably filming an insightful YouTube clip as we speak and Eagle’s probably setting up a Labour committee to consult with the community before he says what he thinks… they’ll begin consulting on the membership of the committee soon…

  3. The question wasn’t really for me but Porirua City is supplied the same bulk water as Wellington City so it’s relevant that I say I support the retention if fluoride in our water. As has been stated it reduces decay and in a city with significant areas of young and highly deprived residents it is important to retain. From memory though, Kapiti Coast are ditching it in their supply.

  4. Everyone needs to by spending 15 minutes at fannz.org.nz before they comment on fluoridation. People can’t possibly support fluoridation when they know a decent amount of information from BOTH sides. Unfortunately, most people just relay on the old, out of date dogma.

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