Shambolic Social Media

In the latest City Watch update we touched on the social media efforts of a couple of current councillors – in particular that Celia Wade-Brown had made good use of her Facebook profile to update residents on the awful situation with the landslip. Nice work.

Paul Eagle also posted photos of the slip and updated his 2000 odd followers regularly. Eagle has been a prolific user of Facebook while on Council, posting photos and updates on what he and the Council have been up to.

But unfortunately there is a whole lot of dross to go with the odd gem. While most of it is of course harmless, you do also wonder what possible value they think they are adding?

Of course I gave Taito Malcolm Aitken some stick over the weekend for his efforts, but there are better  and stranger examples on the current Council. As was mentioned in the City Watch, Green Councillor, Iona Pannett studiously updates her blog… but doesn’t really say much with the posts barely reaching six (short) lines of text. What Pannett considers a blog post, most people would call a Facebook update or an overly long Tweet. It is probably just as well though as her Facebook profile is locked down to friends only – which seems very odd for a politician.

The Facebook page of Sir Ian McKinnon CNZM is a little more open than his Green Lambton Ward colleague, but I imagine it is probably more to do with not knowing how to change his settings on the Bookface thing. However, I did like the family photo in which Sir Ian demonstrates true hipster skill by photo-bombing it through the mirror in the background – #SirSelfie?

If I was being kind I would say (Who is)Jo Coughlan has been taking a more whimsical approach to her Facebook as the posts seem to skim along the surface without ever getting stuck into an issue. Like today for example, when a more considered post on the closure of the Ambulance triage would have been appropriate, she posted the following.


Remember (Who is)Jo works in communications and PR… maybe it’s just me (and my less than kind streak), but this almost reads like English is possibly her second language, not to mention she kind of misses the actual story of why it is closing. Not sure why you would think it was ‘good’ news. Still (Who is)Jo seems to have a strong following amongst her family members as they all get stuck in with the ‘Likes’.

But speaking of whimsical, Celia Wade Brown managed to offset her good work around the landslip with an update on her Twitter and Facebook about… tamarillos – it’s what she woves about winter apparently…


… and John Key said Wellington was dying… pfft!

Now of course if you want to see some actual proper cray-cray Council antics, look no further than Brian Pepperell’s You Tube channel. He appears to have transcended to a whole different level of bat-shit crazy from the rest of his Council colleagues. Who knew that was even possible?

But even with some of the more comedic efforts so far, the candidates above are all ahead of John Morrison who only seems to have a LinkedIn… unless this John Morrison is really him? Morrison probably shouldn’t leave it too long to get it together and set up a Facebook page – readers might recall that back in 2010 another ‘experienced’ campaigner, Russell Marshall, was lampooned during the Porirua Mayoral race through a Facebook site. While Marshall claimed that site helped his campaign (he came 5th or 6th from memory), Morrison shouldn’t risk something similar happening by getting his campaign into gear and filling the online void with a proper site.

Hopefully as the campaign draws closer we will start to see some really innovative approaches to social media used by candidates… not to mention a vast improvement in quality!

(I guess you can feel free to tell us what you think of tamarillos in the comments below… 🙂 )

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