Karori needs your help

Recently, we saw the transformation of the Newlands town centre which goes a long way to bringing a rather dull suburb up to speed. Well now Karori needs help.

I must admit that as a former Karorian I do have a soft spot for the suburb. But as most people know, it lacks a centre or heart. What should be the focal point is occupied by a rather majestic Mobil service station directly opposite the two supermarkets and Lotto shop… otherwise known as the Karori Mall.

A group of locals are trying to bring some life and new development to the area which builds off the development of the rather excellent town library. At the heart of what they want to do is the ‘Karori Events Centre’ (proposed design pictured) which would act as a hub for the community and you can find out all about it here.


Only problem is that they desperately need more community support and base funding so that grants from the various charitable trusts will become possible. So if you can help or have any bright ideas – please go to their website and get involved.

By all accounts the Onslow-Western councillors, in particular John Morrison, have been helpful but maybe we could also challenge them to really champion this as it could bring some life to the valley and heart to the community. All three Onslow-Westerners are multi-term councillors who should have the influence to make a project like this happen.

I only hope that the community does a land-swap with Mobil and gives it the corner site so the Events Centre can sit next to the Sports Centre and Library so that the service station is less of a dominant central feature of the area.


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