Shared spaces – a call to arms

Greg Bondar has written an excellent critique on The Wellingtonista, discussing the new “shared space” on Lower Cuba Street.

The idea of developing Lower Cuba Street as a shared space was a reaction to public disapproval of changing the status of Manners Mall from a pedestrian mall to a bus route. A report to WCC Strategy and Policy Committee (PDF) highlighted that residents were upset at the loss of pedestrian space.

Unfortunately, the final design looks strikingly different. Councillors voted to include 20 car parks in the design, giving us this: While it boasts wide footpaths and trees, I challenge anyone to point to the shared part of the shared space. Car parks are 2h pay-and-display parks, which doesn’t lend itself to sharing – except with other cars

So Greg is proposing to take some action to high light this issue. It’s called Park(ing) Day and it’s on Friday the 16th of September. The idea is to pay for car parks, and turn them into people parks.

It looks like the idea is still taking shape. We’ll keep you informed of progress, but I highly recommend you contact Greg on the Wellingtonista if you’re keen to be involved.


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