Cable car terminal upgrade – submission time!

Council owned Wellington Cable Car Ltd is currently doing consultation on their plans to upgrade their Kelburn terminal at the top of the cable car. Submissions close on Monday 5th of September, so get in quick – it only takes a minute to fill in their online form. Full details are on the Cable Car website.

The two competing designs are from Andrew Sexton Architecture and Bevan + Slessor. Take a look below, links go through to more details about the designs…

Bevan + Slessor

Andrew Sexton Architecture

3 responses to “Cable car terminal upgrade – submission time!

  1. Why are they wanting to build a little bit of civic square in Kelburn? Why not reflect the character of Kelburn by reflecting building such as the university’s red brick or the Carter observatory?

  2. Architecture aside I think a great improvement could be to provide a direct passage, over or under, from the lookout area to the footpath down to Rawhiti Terrace on the other side, so that people walking up through the gardens towards the university don’t need to make an annoying detour up and around the top of the building every time. But maybe that’s just me, and I haven’t used that route for a while.

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